Vision & Values


For every young person to develop to their full potential and for all communities and individuals to achieve


To develop the whole person, body, mind and spirit


From 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Protect | Trust | Hope | Persevere


Our vision: To deliver high quality housing accommodation, support, information and advice, with the aim of making a positive difference to young people, in order for them to achieve their potential as empowered individuals.

Education and Training

Our vision: We will be a principal provider of training, education and employment services and opportunities to help young people overcome barriers to success. We will also offer high quality bespoke training programmes for the business community.

Family Work

Our vision: We will endeavour to provide safe and nurturing environments and services for children and young people whilst encouraging them to develop self-confidence and an appreciation of healthy lifestyles.

Sustainable Community Development

Our vision: As a grassroots organisation, we will research and develop sustainable programmes in partnership with our communities to meet identified needs.