We are proud of our housing services which have helped protected thousands in housing need over the years and now can offer longer term housing across the City of Derby.

We supply 104 beds every night to the most young and vulnerable people across Derby. That adds up to a staggering 37,960 beds every year, with a belief that every young person should have a safe place to stay.

What do we provide?

We provide emergency housing accommodation in a safe and secure environment for single people of working age, facing being homeless. We provide 88 units of accommodation at our Campus facility plus we have a number of off-site shared houses within the City of Derby for those residents who are ready for independent living.

If you stay with us, we expect a pledge from you to take up further education, training, volunteering opportunities, provided by the YMCA Derbyshire staff leading to paid employment. To support you, our skilled staff team will point you in the direction of openings and opportunities to help you back on your feet and become a valued member of the community.


 Relationships with our partners are crucial to what we do

Building strong relationships with our partners helps make a lasting difference to the lives of the young people we reach every year in Derby. At the same time, nurturing and developing these relationships through working together on housing projects, enables YMCA Derbyshire to be visible at the heart of the community.




Home-Start Derby is a local charity which supports ordinary parents in and around Derby who are going through challenging times.

  • To read our latest impact report detailing our most recent work in partnership with Home-Start Derby, click here to view our External Evaluation of Home Start Derby Services.
  • For detailed information about the project or to contact a member of the Home-Start Derby team, visit the website here.