Wrap-around care

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About our school services

Over the last year, across the six schools we have worked with in Derby, we have provided PE education to over 900 individual children, totalling 35,100 hours of contact. Our offer to schools is recognised by our school partners as outstanding. Our core school services include:

  • PPA cover time in the form of PE lessons
  • PE activity during term time to enhance standard teacher-led PE lessons
  • Y Play schemes – our holiday childcare provision
  • Breakfast, lunch and after-school clubs
  • Sports team coaching
  • CPD training for staff in PE and as play leaders
  • Observation and assessment of PE lessons

Why choose YMCA Derbyshire?

  • We offer excellent value for money in comparison to many other providers, in regards to cost, quality and professionalism
  • All of our staff are DBS cleared and fully insured
  • We have an excellent track record in safeguarding
  • Our organised lunch clubs promote healthy outdoor/indoor activities and provide positive role models for the children
  • Our work helps to prevent childhood obesity and assists you in meeting government health targets
  • And as we are a not for profit charity, working with us will give back to the community, improving the lives of young and vulnerable people across Derbyshire
  • We have developed an exceptional expertise in engaging with diversity in the classroom, including working with speakers of EAL and members of the Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller community
  • We also have great experience of working with the most hard to reach

Case Study

The below case study demonstrates the value of PE activity in schools, with exercise being proven to benefit a child’s ability to concentrate in class. In a study of more than 1,000 Aberdeen schoolchildren, researchers at the Universities of Leeds and Aberdeen discovered that children who undertook moderately intensive exercise performed significantly better in tests of concentration than those who had not done the exercise. “Physical activity is an important element in promoting a positive and healthy learning experience, whether in the form of simple exercises, sport, dance or other more structured recreational choices.” (Hill et al., 2010). Furthermore, in a report on the ‘Benefits of PE and Sport’ in June 2013, the Department for Education indicated that physical activity in childhood promotes better cognitive functioning and has a positive effect on mental health, including by reducing anxiety and depression and improving mood. Other studies have highlighted the challenges faced by primary school Head Teachers in effectively creating and managing an environment that supports high quality PE and school sport. This is where YMCA Derbyshire can help. Please see our PPA page and Y Play Holiday Scheme page for more information on these services.