PPA Cover

We can provide PPA cover in the shape of PE lessons and our experienced and dedicated team provides high quality, cost-effective and tailor-made PPA cover to local schools in the form of PE lessons. We can help you ensure that the children at your school have at least one hour of quality, balanced PE a week.

An organisation such as YMCA Derbyshire brings with it that extra peace of mind with all our staff members are first aid-trained, possess up-to-date Enhanced DBS certificates and have numerous sporting qualifications to their names. They will work with you to plan exciting PE lessons and will also complete risk assessments for their activities. What’s more, they can help support your teachers in the final end-of-year reports by providing child assessments at the end of every subject area taught.

We can provide every aspect of the PE curriculum:

  • Outdoor adventure
  • Net-wall
  • Striking and fielding
  • Invasion games
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance

We can also provide PSHE and follow the SEAL scheme of work (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).

Extended Services

We are also experienced in providing Extended Services wrap around services in schools in the form of breakfast, lunch and after-school clubs as well as sports teams and holiday childcare provision.

Our organised lunch clubs promote healthy outdoor/indoor activities and provide positive role models for the children. Our work helps to prevent childhood obesity and assists you in meeting government health targets.

Our Extended Services offering can fit in perfectly with our PPA provision, such as by holding lunch clubs immediately before, or after, PPA sessions.

Added Benefits

In addition to PPA cover and Extended Service, we can work with your school to provide CPD training for staff in PE and as play leaders.

We also offer observation and assessment of PE lessons and have an excellent track record in safeguarding and in meeting specific challenges.

We have developed an exceptional expertise in engaging with diversity in the classroom, including in working with speakers of EAL and members of the GRT (Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller) community. We also have great experience of working with the most hard to reach

How it can be funded   

There are a number of ways to fund our services. You might consider some or all of the following:

  • With Pupil Premium funding, targeting the most hard to reach children using sport/PE as an engagement tool
  • From the general school budget – we’re cheaper than agency staff
  • Fee for service – parents can be asked to pay for Extended Services
  • Olympic Sports Legacy funding

Our experience, flexibility, professionalism and value for money make us your natural choice to partner with in meeting your school’s needs.


“Asking YMCA Derbyshire to provide PE lessons here has been one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. The staff team provides great role models to the children and the cost is a lot less than hiring agency staff. What’s more, with all the added benefits, the YMCA ticks all the boxes.”

Head teacher, local Derby City Primary School

“The YMCA Derbyshire staff member that delivers PE & PSHE lessons was asked to work with a difficult year group of children. Having a male role model vastly improved behaviour and he delivered high quality sessions with excellent outcomes.”

Head teacher, local Derby City Primary School

“The staff members provided by the YMCA replaced the class teacher, so it is crucial to choose the right option for my school and invest in a provider that stands out from the rest. Additional lunch and after school clubs are delivered before and after PPA sessions, adding to the value of YMCA Derbyshire’s delivery. Pupil assessments, feedback, use of ICT and planning are in place making it a seamless transition for my teachers.”

Head teacher, local Derby City Primary School

Getting in touch

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Hazel Finch on 01159 443226 or 07590452827 or alternatively email hazel.finch@ymcaderbyshire.org.uk

He would be only too happy to discuss our cost-effective, high quality services with you personally. Prices are available on application for full or half days.