Bianca Bancroft

28 December 2017

Bianca Bancroft is a Functional Skills Tutor at YMCA Derbyshire and has recently been re-appointed into the role of Youth Ambassador by YMCA England.

1. Bianca, what does a Youth Ambassador do?

As a Youth Ambassador, my role is to represent not only YMCA Derbyshire, but YMCA England. I have been given opportunities to travel to different countries such as Kosovo, to work with other YMCAs and young people. Part of the role is to take part in different seminars and learn new techniques that will help benefit not only the YMCA but the people we support. I have been to several conferences and seminars to take learn new skills such as interviewing. This is an important aspect of the role, as YMCA England conducts a lot of research and ask Youth Ambassadors if they will help. The findings then form part of the research that is taken into parliament.

As well as all of this, I have been offered amazing opportunities to be part in special events. For example, last year I was invited to walk with the YMCA in the Cenotaph Remembrance Sunday parade in London.

2. You’re a busy lady, as an Ambassador and in your day job as a Functional Skills Tutor, how do you manage?

Quite easily really! I like to keep busy with teaching Functional Skills, as I teach this three days a week, across three different sites and my other days I spend working productively, planning lessons! Being a Youth Ambassador is an on going role that I have to do every day of my life. I represent the YMCA and its values and act as a role model for all other young people within the community. So, luckily, both roles merge into one!

3. What advice would you give for someone wanting to become an Ambassador?

Being a Youth Ambassador is a huge privilege. You’ve got to be able to show that you are committed, uphold the values of the YMCA and can act as a positive role model for other young people! I also find that working and volunteering in other departments is a great way of networking and learning every aspect of what the YMCA entails.

4. What do you enjoy most about your role with YMCA Derbyshire?

I really enjoy working with the young people that I teach. Seeing them achieve their qualifications and leaving every lesson happy is a great feeling.

5. When you’re not working, how do you spend your downtime?

I enjoy spending time with my mum, usually going out for lunch or having a wander around town. And if we aren’t doing that, she gets me cleaning the house.