11 December 2018

Brett Sentance is Development Manager – iMatter at YMCA Derbyshire.

1. So, a key part of your job is iMatter. What is this?

It’s an asset and skills based portfolio, encouraging young people to think about their strengths and where they want to go next. Its part of advantage thinking – seeing young people as an asset to society, rather than a problem. We get them to assess their assets on a numerical scale in seven key areas – housing, personal development, money, connections, health, working, and learning. It then involves setting goals and helping them to move up the scales, creating action plans so they can achieve their goals. It’s about them taking ownership of their journey, knowing what they want to achieve and recording it when they do.

2. What is co-production?

It based on similar values to iMatter, so we work with young people rather than simply providing a service. We have co-production meetings regularly, where both staff and residents can raise issues, and we do out best to act on them. It gives the young people a voice, empowering them and allowing us to work together as a community.

3. What about your job do you enjoy most?

Working with young people, building those relationships. In the first few weeks, I spent a lot of time building relationships with young people and staff, because that’s the base that allows you to work with them and bring in changes.

4. And what do you find the most challenging?

We’ve not had any huge challenges yet.

5. Finally, how do you spend your downtime?

Lots of things really – yoga, archery, climbing, walking my dog, watching films – learning new things.