I joined the YMCA because I wanted a clean start and hopefully a new life which I thankfully got.

Since being at YMCA Derbyshire, I have been involved in a lot of activities. I play football, have been bowling and I have been given a years free gym membership. These things have helped with my mental health; I have picked up friendships and confidence to do anything.

My life has changed so much. I feel like I can achieve anything that I put my mind to. I want to thank staff members at YMCA Derbyshire because without any of their help, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am truly grateful.

I’ve had dreams growing up but there has always been a bit of doubt in the way but now I see clear, nothing will get in the way. I know I can be a success in modelling and singing and everything is possible when you put your mind to it.


From Declan’s Key Worker:

When Declan first joined YMCA Derbyshire, he was very quiet, didn’t mix with other residents and struggled in social situations. He initially had low confidence and low self-esteem – he did not believe in himself. Declan joined the activities the Health & Wellbeing Team, which was fantastic. He also worked with a Building Better Opportunities Personal Navigator to help him gain confidence and mix in social situations. I have noticed a positive change in Declan – he socialises with other residents, his confidence is growing massively. He’s now even applying for jobs, attending interviews and feels at ease in these interviews. Declan is a very sensible young man who makes positive choices and is working towards an independent future.