I joined the YMCA in July 2018, due to having trouble at home. Whilst being with the YMCA, I got support when it was needed and got involved in many activities such as football.

Whilst living here, I have been through a lot of change. My attendance at sixth form doing my A-Levels went down and I ended up leaving sixth form due to stress and experiencing a lot of issues with my mental health. I then got a job and was working with an events company; it was something to do and was fun going to all the events such as festivals and Wembley.

I got onto a programme at the YMCA all about bills and budgeting with led me onto a course at Toyota which gives me valuable work experience and a trip to London.


Due to the progress I have made in the YMCA, I moved into a YMCA offsite property in April and then a month later into my own property at the age of 18.


I am grateful to the YMCA for the support and how the staff have helped me to progress over the last year. I would like to thank all the staff for all the support and help that they have given me, even when I didn’t ask, and for helping me to be able to move on.

In the future, after my course is done with Toyota next September, I am going to University to study law, I wish to become a Lawyer.