Nadia came to YMCA Derbyshire from a refugee camp, as she had no where else to go and no one she knew to help her. Starting a new life in a different country with completely different culture was difficult to do alone.

“Starting a new life in a different country with strangers was hard. I was suffering from a mental health problem too.

After a while it felt like a home. Thanks to YMCA Derbyshire, I have been helped to create my own life path in a way to assimilate in a new society.”

YMCA Derbyshire offered Nadia a range of opportunities, from attending different social activities to receiving one-to-one consultation sessions.

After taking plenty of sessions, Nadia figured out that the best solution was for her to find a job. By securing a job, Nadia would have even more opportunities to make friends and learn skills to move forward with her life.

“I’m especially grateful for my workers’ support. She has always listened to me patiently, provided me with professional consultations and made the impossible possible for me. My outlook is very much optimistic about my future and reaching my life goals.”


From Nadia’s Key Worker:

Today is bitter sweet! Nadia left us at YMCA Derbyshire yesterday to pursue what has been her dream – to find work in London.

Nadia joined us as a refugee having suffered in her former country and was uncomfortable and unsure of her surroundings. After a couple of meetings with Nadia, I soon realised she was an intelligent and determined lady. She has an excellent sense of humour, and absolutely excellent English.

Nadia planned her days to make sure she was searching for job opportunities. She learnt about the English job market, writing her CV and doing everything she could to improve her prospects. I was impressed to see Nadia had published papers, was highly educated and had a superb professional history. Nadia and I worked together on sourcing voluntary work and advising on job hunting and Nadia soon landed a voluntary research role at Compassionate Minds. We discussed Nadia joining the gym and sewing club and engaging with therapy which she did all of.

I’ve learned from Nadia whilst she was learning from me. Nadia never lost her determination even after losing everything she had and ending up here with very little. I really wanted help her to achieve her goals – she deserved it. I am honoured to have got to know Nadia, I wish her all the luck in the world on the next stage of her journey.