Michael joined us at YMCA Derbyshire as he unfortunately lost his flat due to a relationship breakdown.

” When I got to YMCA. I was doing great getting back on track. Building friendships, I was learning at college and passing my levels doing my English and Maths. After couple of months, I had fallen into the wrong group of people and went off track. With support from YMCA staff I was able to get myself back to where I need to be. I was in stable accommodation, back in education and volunteering for YMCA and other companies.”

After getting back on track and doing well, David and Clare in the Health & Wellbeing Team supported Sam by getting him involved in the Toyota Project.

“I was unsure at first because I was wondering how this would benefit me with my plan to go into the Army. It was explained to me about transferable skills and I heard the possibilities to do work at experience in security at Toyota.”

The confidence that Sam has gained since being on the Toyota project is huge. He is now more open to learning new skills and has the ability to adapt to problems as well as finding different solutions to any tasks he is given.

“Through Toyota, I worked with Burton College. We did team building exercises, looked at CVs and did mock interviews. I got a placement in security and I was excited to start a new way of learning. It gave me lots of skills that are transferable and I’m more confident with my work I have done.”

I will miss my time at Toyota as I met lots of great caring people, I hopefully will see them again soon.