I lost my flat due to a relationship breakdown, I felt like I could never get back up and keep going. Eventually I went to the Council and they referred me to YMCA Derbyshire and I got in.

I was doing great getting back on track. Building friendships, I was learning at college and passing my levels doing my English and Maths. After couple of months, I had fallen into the wrong group of people and went off track. With support from YMCA staff I was able to get myself back to where I need to be. I was in stable accommodation, back in education and volunteering for YMCA and other companies.

After getting back on track and doing well, David and Clare in the Health & Wellbeing Team told me about the Toyota Project. I was unsure at first because I was wondering how this would benefit me with my plan to go into the Army. It was explained to me about transferable skills and I heard the possibilities to do work at experience in security at Toyota.

Halfway through the program, I am enjoying it and I am learning so much about Toyota and about myself. I have become more confident and more open about learning new skills. I’m able to adapt to problems and find different solutions to do the task at hand.

Through Toyota, I worked with Burton College. We did team building exercises, looked at CVs and did mock interviews. I got a placement in security and I was excited to start a new way of learning. It gave me lots of skills that are transferable and I’m more confident with my work I have done.

At the end of the course I am now more confident with myself. I’m more willing, more motivated to find work and pursue my application with the Army.

I will miss my time at Toyota as I met lots of great caring people, I hopefully will see them again soon.