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Meet Declan

My life has changed so much. I feel like I can achieve anything that I put my mind to.

Young person at YMCA Derbyshire

Meet Nadia

I was moved to YMCA Derbyshire from a refugee camp, I had no other place to go and no one to help me.


Meet Sam

I lost my flat due to a relationship breakdown, I felt like I could never get back up and keep going.

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Meet Lily

Lily arrived at YMCA Derbyshire due to trouble at home and was experiencing issues with her mental health.

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Meet Mikey

Mikey first joined our YMCA when he was 16 because of issues at home.

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Meet Nathan

When I first arrived at YMCA Derbyshire, I was having quite serious issues with anxiety and depression.


Meet Jack

After a life-changing incident, Jack began to suffer with PTSD and really struggled with his confidence.


Meet Ella

Ella had a really difficult time at school, resulting in her having to leave. She regained her confidence after joining YMCA Key College.


Meet Michael

I then moved to live with my dad, but he always said negative stuff about me and called me horrible names, so I moved to YMCA.