22 September 2021

Aspirational Housing

60 affordable homes are being built on Cotton Lane in Derby, designed specifically for young people in work, education/training or leaving their family home.

The ‘Aspirational Housing’ development is managed by YMCA Derbyshire.

The intention with the new development is to give young people the opportunity gain a successful tenancy history and save for a deposit.

Flats for the future

Visualisation of the YMCA Cotton Lane development.
Visualisation of the YMCA Cotton Lane development.

Designed with low salaries in mind, the rent level is affordable and the design of the flats ensures they are easy to run and maintain.

Residents won’t have to worry about furniture either, as the flats come fully fitted and furnished, with en-suite and state of the art kitchen appliances.

Gillian Sewell, CEO of YMCA Derbyshire, commented:

“Many young people are finding it increasingly difficult to access suitable housing in the private rental market. This is especially true for those who have little or no previous history of tenancy agreements.

It’s our aim to make the transition from living at home, with friends, or in supported accommodation to purchasing or renting a more permanent place much smoother and easier. With access to our housing staff on London Road, we expect that every young person will be ready to move on to their own homes within 1-2 years.”

The location of the scheme has been influenced by its proximity to some of Derby’s largest employers – those who provide apprenticeships for young people, including Rolls-Royce. The area also has fantastic public transport links for education and work purposes.