25 May 2016

Coming into be interviewed for the YMCA Derbyshire, the rememberable aspect was talking about how the charity uses Maslow’s hierarchy of need to make the lives of those within their community healthier, more positive and with a greater fulfilment. After beginning my internship I’ve realised they do more than this, that this is a two way process. To give one example, on a trip this morning to Handyside Court, I saw how the learner’s were utilising their skills in catering to cook meals for the elderly residents. The residents had the benefit of freshly cooked, nutritious meals and the learners had the opportunity to see how their skills could assist others.

Hence the perfect name for the newly revamped, modernised YMCA newsletter is ‘All together now.’ I’m researching, editing and planning it from my new desk, the residents living just below me. When I go for lunch in the café we could wave to each other from across the kitchen. Their new home encourages them to learn, nourishes growth of the person and opportunities to network just as much as my new job does. I’m working on marketing- social media, posters, newsletters- to promote both their growth and the charities’. With the support of the YMCA, one day they will leave encouraged to make the world a better place, just as we have encouraged them to make themselves a better person. That is someone who knows that they have a friend, someone who has felt the safety and comfort of a home, and someone who knows that they can succeed as they grow.

Hannah Harvey

YMCA Derbyshire Fundraising & Communications Intern