Barnaby arrived at the YMCA without any life skills and found it extremely difficult to communicate with others.

“When I first arrived at the YMCA I was a bit all over the place in terms of my daily living. I was so happy when I saw the team was very willing and able to help me with my daily routine and helped me gain some independent living skills.”

As Barnaby completed his first weeks living on campus, he began to settle and improve his social skills by attending sessions with the health and wellbeing team. He was encouraged to discuss life issues, how to work on his confidence and tactics surrounding managing his income.

“Melanie, my Housing Navigator, gladly helped me with my new place and helped very much on budgeting my money when it comes to my rent and how much I should leave for my savings for my bits and bobs like food snacks, toiletries and my general needed goods.”

Now, Barnaby has his own flat and has come on leaps and bounds in terms of his independence, confidence and ability to socialise with others. He has completely changed as a person and grown so much. Melanie said:

“To cut an amazing story short, no matter what challenges Barnaby faced, it never stopped him achieving his dream which was to live in his own place that he could call home. I have learned so much from supporting Barnaby. He made me realise that if you want something bad and you put the work in you can achieve your dreams.”