Dan came to YMCA Derbyshire two years ago and has progressed through our Young Persons’ Pathway. He was a part of our Foyer and has completed courses at YMCA Key College. Dan has recently moved onto our Y-Steps programme which provides transitional housing for young people who are entering employment or education.


“When I first came to YMCA Derbyshire I was nervous moving into a new place with all these people around me. I felt scared and alone for the first week but after that I started to relax a bit. Everyone was friendly which took me by surprise – I wasn’t expecting that. I could have stayed in my room forever but if you don’t have anyone to talk to you start to climb the walls. I started playing pool, and taking part in every activity I could.”

After a year of living with us, Dan went on to do his Level 2 in Food Hygiene alongside volunteer in our kitchen which earned him his Food Hygiene certificate.

Rekindling his passion for cooking, Dan decided to start studying at YMCA Key College.

“I liked YMCA Key College and learned a lot. It was a great atmosphere. – friendly. I got on with everyone I with and it really built my confidence. The course lasted a year and it felt great when I passed.”

Dan has now moved out of our on-site accommodation into his own flat in Derby and is really excited for the future.

“Without the support and encouragement from YMCA Derbyshire I would have given up. The YM literally turned my life around for the better, I would hate to think where I would be if I hadn’t come here. I’ve put the effort into moving forward in life – I have every reason to be proud.”