Joseph’s mother died of lung cancer in 2009, which was very quick and traumatic for him.

“After my mum’s death, my family all went their separate ways and I found myself alone. I started to medicate with alcohol to numb the pain and became a heavy smoker.

Both of these afflictions contributed to my life grinding to a stop. I also had a couple of work related injuries that seriously impeded my ability to work, that was the point I came to the YMCA.”

When Joseph arrived at our YMCA, he had support from our Housing Navigators which enabled him to deal with his substance issues.

“The security, stability, safety and support at YMCA means I am now 15 months abstinent. I have also recovered from my work place injuries.”

While at the YMCA, Joseph studied to get his SIA licence and wants to continue further by applying for another SIA licence, particularly in CCTV.

“I have spent a lot of time at the YMCA studying and using the internet to build training educational resources for later use. I am now moving on to plans of setting up my own security company on the South Coast and I am looking to relocate this year to live and work.

The YMCA has allowed me the space and place to transform from the life I had which was disintegrating to the life I can see ahead which has new purpose, meaning and harmony.”