Katrina experienced a very successful move-on into her own privately rented accommodation after being with YMCA Derbyshire for over three years.

When Katrina first came to YMCA Derbyshire, she understandably was initially reclusive and lacked confidence. After a couple of months of settling in, Katrina started to engage with the Health and Wellbeing team.

She took part in volunteering with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust helping maintain the county’s nature reserves, learning survival skills. Katrina also attended regular Derby County Community Trust fitness activities.

During this time, Katrina was also enthused to complete all available in-house training courses including health and safety and hospitality. Whilst at the YMCA, Katrina was employed within our Hospitality and Housekeeping departments. She was seen as an incredibly positive role model to other residents and learners.

In addition, in 2015 Katrina completed the 34-week Working Assets Programme with Toyota UK. Here she completed work experience with Toyota’s catering contractors, where she showed great commitment to the project and a strong work ethic.

Katrina also demonstrated a strong ability to work within a team environment. Katrina has since secured a full-time role with East Midlands Trains as an on-board host. Now, Katrina saved the deposit to secure her own accommodation. She is the secretary for the YMCA Derbyshire resident’s committee, SOLID, participating as the only original group member – a valued representative of young people. In fact, Kat secured a £3000 grant to enable SOLID to become self-sufficient, working with a Health and Wellbeing member of staff.

The key steps to Katrina’s successful move-on were without doubt the partnership between herself and the Health and Wellbeing team. The team provided positive guidance throughout as well as Katrina gaining the confidence to apply for professional employment outside of YMCA Derbyshire.

At the Foyer Federation’s annual Spark Awards in October 2018, Kat was presented with the ‘Positive Move-on Award’. This was for being a positive role model to others at YMCA Derbyshire and successfully moving to live independently.