At school, Kyan struggled to concentrate and put it down to a lack of interest in education. After a while of attending school regularly, Kyan decided that home education might be a better route.

Once into the swing of learning from home, Kyan realised that he loved education and became really interested in technology. Having turned 16 this year, Kyan applied to join our recently introduced Digital Skills & IT course at the Ilkeston Campus, and began his studies last month.

Andy Blurton, Digital Skills and IT tutor said:

“Kyan has settled in really well. He is already progressing on the course and producing good quality work.”

In just his first weeks at YMCA Key College, Kyan was nominated for ‘Student of the Month’ by the tutors and support team at Ilkeston Campus for his hard work and dedication.

Kyan said:

“I was very surprised to receive the award. If I can get it, then other students should see how much they can achieve too.”

When we asked Kyan what his hopes were after he graduates from YMCA Key College, he said: “I want to join the army, so I’ve started my fitness training.”

We have no doubt that if Kyan applies himself to his training in the same way he does his education he will be protecting Queen and country in no time.