At the age of 9, Libby was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD, which took two years to be diagnosed. Unfortunately, Libby really struggled being accepted and understood at school which resulted in her being asked to leave in her final year. 

“My school kept ringing my mum to ask her if they could find me a new school to go to, but I already knew I wanted to go to YMCA Key College because that’s where my sister went. My medication has been changing on and off for eight years which I have really struggled with.”

Whilst doing her GCSE’s, Libby went through a very traumatic time after being attacked. However, she was still determined to continue at YMCA Key College and get her qualifications. 

“I still came to college after coming out of hospital because I really enjoy college. I get praised for all the good things I do, and they tell me if I do something wrong so I can work on myself. At YMCA Key College I get treated like an adult and the staff have helped me a lot to understand that I’m not like other young people, which school didn’t. I’ve enjoyed my course here because I am actually listening in lesson and learning.” 

We are so proud of the progress Libby has made during her time with us and look forward to seeing the amazing things she goes on to do.