At campuses in Derby, Ilkeston and Chesterfield, YMCA Key College provides a range of accredited training courses for young people aged 16-18 and up to 24 in some instances (with and EHCP). We are proud to be an Ofsted “GOOD” rated training provider. Tiffany is just about to complete her Level 1 course in Childcare.

“Compared to when I first arrived at YMCA Key College, I’m totally different. I used to get teary about change and wanted to go home. I would walk through the doors and cry because I didn’t want to be here. Sometimes I got really anxious so I went to the chill out room.”

As time passed, tutors worked closely with Tiffany to support her transition into a new environment.

“I am on the Autistic spectrum and have anxiety and depression so it could be difficult, but with staff support and encouragement it’s good now. I want people like me to know it’s okay on your first few days if you feel like you don’t want to be somewhere and feel like you have no friends. As the days go by, you’ll make friends and feel comfortable. I know it’s safe at YMCA Key College and staff have been really supportive.”

After completing her Level 1 course in Childcare, Tiffany is moving to Health and Social Care Level 2 and hopes to go back to her school for work when she has completed her qualifications.

“My goals were to be confident, no tears when I wanted to go home, make friends and start talking to people. I achieved these goals. I enjoy my course and being with my friends. I have always wanted to be a teaching assistant because when I was younger I had one and they really helped me.”