11 August 2023

Embracing Positive Change: Padley Group Joins Forces with YMCA Derbyshire

We’re thrilled to share the news – Padley Group has officially become a part of YMCA Derbyshire, now known as Padley@YMCA Derbyshire. This marks a significant collaboration between two organisations with a shared commitment to supporting those at risk of homelessness and poverty.

Founded in 1985, Padley Group’s mission to empower and support those affected by the challenges of homelessness and poverty, aligns perfectly with YMCA Derbyshire’s values. This merger is a significant step forward, pooling the collective expertise of both organisations to enhance the services we provide to individuals and communities in need.

As Gillian Sewell, CEO at YMCA Derbyshire, aptly puts it: “Many of those we serve benefit from the support of both organisations. It is always our aim to provide as much assistance as we can for our communities with limited resources.

Padley Group is one of the most respected charities in our local area. This merger is enabling us to work together to develop the housing and support offered from both organisations.

As we move forward, we also want to work with other members of the Derby and Derbyshire business community, to address wider spread issues of poverty in the city and county, that work towards preventing homelessness.”


Padley@YMCA Derbyshire

With 18 housing pathway flats, Padley brings valuable additions to our YMCA housing portfolio. Additionally, their community services, day centre, satellite sites, charity shop, and food provision initiatives across the city significantly contribute to our shared goals.

The day centre’s transition into YMCA Derbyshire Youth and Community provision represents a seamless continuation of the vital work Padley Group has been doing. In early 2024, we look forward to relocating to Padley@YMCA Derbyshire’s permanent home, which will serve as a new community hub. This hub will expand the traditional activities, introducing tailored programs like independent living skills workshops, DIY classes, horticulture, employability sessions, therapeutic counselling, and volunteering initiatives.

Members of the Padley Groups staff are now part of our YMCA Derbyshire team, ensuring the continuity and growth of essential services.

It’s essential to note that while our services remain unchanged at YMCA Derbyshire, this merger enhances our capacity to make a resilient and effective contribution to the strategies aimed at supporting individuals and communities experiencing poverty and at risk of homelessness in Derby City and Derbyshire County.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Padley@YMCA Derbyshire, please contact enquires@ymcaderbyshire.org.uk or call on 01332 579550.

Together we continue to transform lives.

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