12 June 2020

YMCA Derbyshire stands with all who are hurting and affected by the brutal murder of George Floyd in the USA and with those seeking peacefully to end racism and discrimination.

We understand that the consequences of this injustice are felt deeply by our staff and the communities we serve. As a local YMCA, we believe all people are made in God’s image and place equal value on every individual. We stand with all those who face disadvantage or exclusion.

Diversity around the globe was accepted in the founding document of the World Alliance of YMCAs in 1855, where it is stated that no issues, however important they may be, shall divide the YMCA. The focus is on unity in Christ, following the prayer of Jesus Christ in John 17:21, that we “all may be one.”

We pray for our sisters and brothers in YMCAs affected, for peace and justice in the USA; and we pray for an end to racial discrimination everywhere, in all its forms.

YMCA Derbyshire is proud of its diverse workforce, and is proud to be part of a community which reflects many cultures and ethnicities.  We believe that every person should have the opportunity to belong, contribute and thrive within our communities without fear of discrimination regardless of their race or colour of skin, the gender they identify with, their sexual orientation, age, social background, whether they have a faith or none.


Andrew Armstrong
Acting CEO

YMCA Derbyshire