1 June 2018

YMCA Derbyshire has joined a 7 nation partnership to organise an 8-day international gathering of young people aged 18 to 30 in Strasbourg, France.

The event which is being coordinated by YMCA France involves young people from France, England (YMCA Derbyshire), Kosovo, Spain, Romania, Ukraine and Germany. The event takes place from 22-30 August this year and the theme of the event is ‘youth engagement in Europe’.

Some 70 young people from 7 countries across Europe will be able to share their cultures and traditions and engage in discussions about issues that affect young people within their own country and across Europe.

The 8 day event comprises the following:
• Part 1 – a 6 day residential at YMCA Salm, located approximately 20 miles from Strasbourg
• Part 2 – a 2-day hotel stay in Strasbourg including a visit to the European Parliament and the Council of Europe

YMCA Derbyshire is offering this opportunity to young people aged 18 to 30 from across the county who are involved in the YMCA and the following partner agencies/organisations:
• Toyota UK
• Talent Match
• Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
• Derby University
• Derby City Council
• Derby College
• Other business partners linked to the YMCA

YMCA Derbyshire will receive a grant from the EU to subsidize the cost of the event. Each participant will pay £200 towards the cost of travel and accommodation. Please note that all food is provided for the duration of the event.

To learn more and to register interest to participate, please click here. The ‘expression of interest’ form mentioned in the leaflet can be downloaded here.