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Safeguarding & PREVENT

YMCA Safeguarding


YMCA Derbyshire is committed to promoting best practice and ensuring that children, young people and adults at risk are free from harm and abuse. Where harm and abuse is recognised or suspected, YMCA expects staff and volunteers to respond and refer in accordance with our policy and operational procedures.

Please keep a copy of any safeguarding information you submit.


The current threat from Terrorism and Extremism in the United Kingdom is real and severe and can involve the exploitation of vulnerable people, including children and young people. Prevent is one part of the government’s overall counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST.

The aim of Prevent is to:

Please keep a copy of any safeguarding information you submit.

If you need to speak to someone about a safeguarding concern, you can:

Call Emergency Services

If the concern presents an immediate threat to life or property, please call the Police on 999 – or the Police anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

Call Safeguarding Lead

Call the YMCA Designated Safeguarding Lead if the concern relates to a YMCA service user, staff member, volunteer, or activities taking place within YMCA buildings – Kelly Jackson, Safeguarding Lead – 07921 264060.

Email Safeguarding Team

Email our Safeguarding team safeguarding@ymcaderbyshire.org.uk.

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