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Our Impact

At YMCA Derbyshire, we work with young people to discover and develop their strengths, so they can set and achieve their goals and reach their full potential in life. Our approach and impact enables people to realise their aspirations and utilise their talents. It is our aim to give young people a safe space to learn and grow. We do this by providing a safe and supportive environment alongside highly skilled and passionate staff.

Read our impact reports below for more information:

Life Long Learning Impact Report

Read the Lifelong Learning Impact Report below to find out more about the way: YMCA Key College, YMCA Y-Kidz, Derwent Stepping Stones and our other funded programmes have given our young people and communities the opportunity to grow

Housing Impact Report

Find out more about our impact on local lives and our community by viewing our 2023 Impact Report.

YMCA Impact Dashboard

View the live impact dashboard of how YMCAs across England & Wales are supporting beneficiaries.

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