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Combatting Loneliness

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How YMCA Derbyshire Is Combating Loneliness in 2023

Loneliness is a growing issue that impacts the mental and physical health of millions. Small talks can greatly improve mental health and help combat loneliness.

Those aged between 16-29 are over two times as likely to report feeling lonely often or always than those over 70 (9.7% versus 3.7%), with those aged between 30-49 close behind at 8.2%, according to new analysis of the latest ONS data.
This comes as overall levels of chronic levels of loneliness, where people feel lonely often or always, continue to be at higher levels since they grew during the pandemic.
An average of 7.08% of people reported feeling lonely often/always from November 2022 to February 2023. This equates to an estimated 3.7 million people.
This represents a continuation of higher levels of loneliness than those reported by the ONS pre-pandemic in 2018 (5%). At the peak of lockdown in 2021 levels rose to 7.2%, but the level has remained at a high level since, with the last quarter in 2022 also at 7.08%.

Alleviating Loneliness

Not only that, but the funds raised will go towards improving the lounge in which residents spend their down time. This will include providing them with technology for education, work and entertainment purposes, new sofas and bean bags to relax and socialise and an area for arts and crafts to encourage creative expression.

Many of the young people living at YMCA Derbyshire have very little confidence when making friendships and socialising with others. Their hope is that the upgraded lounge will provide a sense of peace as well as opportunity to learn and apply for work.

How To Support YMCA Derbyshire at Christmas

There are several ways to support the Christmas campaign. You could wear a Jolly Jumper and give a pound or two on a day of your choice. If that isn’t suitable, you could do a Christmas-themed bake off and donate that way. There’s lots of options!

This appeal will enable us to keep people safe, supported and fed this Christmas. Last year, we were able to support 300 young people during the season, preventing loneliness with a range of fun activities and serving warm meals.

If you feel you aren’t able to wear a Jolly Jumper or take part in any other activity, you could also donate to the YMCA’s Christmas appeal via this link: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/ymcaderbyshireatchristmas

Thank you so much for your support in advance – together we can ‘change lives.’

Sign up is easy! Just contact the team at fundraising@ymcaderbyshire.org.uk or call 01332 579558.

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