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Vibrant Doors Donate £500 To YMCA Derbyshire

Vibrant Doors Generously Donates £500 to YMCA Derbyshire, Supporting Derwent Stepping Stones and Funding the YMCA Minibus.


Vibrant Doors, a leading provider of high-quality doors and accessories, is proud to announce its recent donation of £500 to YMCA Derbyshire. The contribution will be allocated towards two significant initiatives: Derwent Stepping Stones Nursery, and the YMCA Derbyshire minibus fund.

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Vibrant Doors said, “As a Derbyshire-based company we’re extremely proud to make a well-deserved donation to YMCA Derbyshire. The entire Vibrant Doors team is inspired by the impact the organisation is making to the lives of local people and we encourage other local businesses to support the YMCA’s work however they can. We look forward to seeing these initiatives brought to life by the dedicated YMCA team!”


YMCA Derbyshire are working in collaboration with Mertrux, YMCA Supporters and Vibrant Doors to fundraise to buy an electric minibus to enable the organisation to take our young people and communities out of day trips. Recognising the importance of this initiative, Vibrant Doors has kindly allocated £250 to directly contribute to this fundraiser.


Matt Taylor, Youth and Communities Manager said “Some of our residents have never ventured out of Derby, so to be able to take them away to explore new places is lifechanging.”


Vibrant Doors has allocated the other £250 to Derwent Stepping Stones, to support our Early Years provision. This funding will enhance the resources and opportunities available to the program’s participants, empowering them to build bright and prosperous futures.


Janet Holland, CEO of Derwent Stepping Stones said “Our annual summer fayre was greatly enhanced by being able to offer a range of free activities. We were able to offer free fruit kebab making, edible necklace making as well as free biscuit decoration and ice cream for all. Families attending the event were able to fully engage without having to worry about the cost. We very much appreciate the kind generosity of vibrant doors.”


By supporting YMCA Derbyshire, Vibrant Doors aims to make a tangible difference in the lives of young people and provide them with the resources and experiences necessary for their personal growth and development.


For more information about Vibrant Doors and their philanthropic efforts, please visit www.vibrantdoors.co.uk or contact their marketing manager, abigail@vibrantdoors.co.uk.


About Vibrant Doors:

Based in Derby, Vibrant Doors is a leading supplier of high-quality doors and accessories, committed to providing exceptional products and service to its customers. With a wide range of both contemporary and traditional door designs, Vibrant Doors has positioned itself at the forefront of door innovation. As a socially responsible company, Vibrant Doors actively engages in philanthropic endeavours to support organisations that make a positive impact on local communities.


About YMCA Derbyshire:

YMCA Derbyshire is a youth-focused organization dedicated to empowering young people and helping them reach their full potential. Through various programs and initiatives, YMCA Derbyshire offers support, housing, training, and development opportunities, promoting personal growth and well-being. The organization strives to create a safe and nurturing environment that enables young people to build a foundation for a brighter future.

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Rosie Heagney rosie.heagney@ymcaderbyshire.org.uk

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