Our team work with individuals to improve their mental health, build confidence and self-esteem and increase their skills base. We provide opportunities to engage in volunteering and work experience projects all with the aim of best equipping them to move in to education, employment and independent living.

We run various structured and unstructured programmes throughout the year. We are extremely proud to link with Toyota UK and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Opening Doors to Employment

Toyota UK Working Assets programme enables 18-25 year olds to prepare for the workplace by developing skills and talents at Toyota. This is done through the completion of 120 hours work experience and employability skills training.

YMCA Toyota graduates state;

“It has been the most amazing programme. We all feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to take part. All the people involved have given me the confidence and belief to move on and secure employment in administration”.

“We were a close-knit group we called ourselves ‘the Toyota family’, we supported each other”.


Opening Doors to Nature

We work closely with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to provide opportunities for our young people. We enable YMCA residents to improve wellbeing, engage in outdoor activities, learn new skills and develop a connection to nature.

In a twelve-month period, the project enables 32 residents to participate completing on average 3200 volunteer hours. The project also supports 10 residents undertaking a 2-day woodland craft residential. 10 residents have achieved bronze level John Muir Award.

Impact of our projects

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Our health and wellbeing team also hold weekly timetabled sessions to ensure our young people get used to a more structured daily routine. As part of the Foyer Federation, our team create different programmes based on the subjects below:


  • Personal Development
  • Money
  • Housing
  • Working
  • Health
  • Connection and socialising
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