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Meet Nathan

Having spent two years living a reclusive life, Nathan didn’t communicate with anyone – he’d given up and had no motivation. Find out how YMCA Derbyshire provided him with friends for life and dramatically increased his confidence.

Meet Michael

Michael had a tough life due to difficult living arrangements with family members and foster carers. After an argument with his father, Michael found himself in the care of YMCA Derbyshire. Find out how we have helped him to have a better outlook on life.

Meet Sophie

Due to polycystic kidney disorder, growing up was already difficult for Sophie. Then, when she was 13, she was diagnosed with a global learning disability, meaning life got even more complicated for her. Find out how we have helped Sophie with her education.

Meet Mikey

Mikey joined YMCA Derbyshire when he was 16 because of issues at home; he found he was doing nothing, smoking drugs, just passing the day. Find out how we have provided him with the motivation to find a job and turn his life around for the better.

Meet Layla

Layla arrived at YMCA Derbyshire due to trouble at home and issues with her mental health. She had been attending sixth form, but her attendance was dropping, and eventually, Layla ended up leaving. Find out how we have given her the confidence to pursue a career in Law.

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