Unfortunately, some time ago, Jack was set upon by a gang whilst walking home. This had a huge impact on his self confidence. At times, Jack found it difficult to stay in class and he would become very agitated. Eventually, his GP diagnosed Jack with PTSD.

However, even with these obstacles, Jack has completed two study programmes with us.  Over the last few months during his construction course, and with continuing support from staff, he has become far more confident and no longer works by himself, but remains in the classroom.

“Because of YMCA Key College, I am becoming more sociable. Sometimes I do still feels nervous about being out on the street by myself, but it is getting better.”

Jack completed his retail course with YMCA Key College and is our very first learner to complete the construction course as well as being the first to pass the exam for CSCS card. We are very proud of the progress he has made. His tutor is now in the process of arranging interviews for him in the construction industry.