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YMCA Derbyshire Emerges as Finalist In Youth Matters Awards Through Overwhelming Public Support

YMCA Derbyshire is proud to announce its remarkable achievement as a finalist in not one, but two categories at the prestigious YMCA Youth Matters Awards.

The Youth Matters Awards recognise and celebrate YMCA projects, beneficiaries and staff that have demonstrated outstanding dedication to empowering and supporting young people in various aspects of their lives.

Gillian Sewell, CEO YMCA Derbyshire said, “YMCA Derbyshire has secured its place in the finals for the “Young Campaigner of the Year” and “Health and Wellbeing Project of the Year” awards. Our team has worked incredibly hard to support our young people and community and I could not be prouder of everything they have delivered and achieved.”

FINALIST: Young Campaigner of the Year – Kyle Pearson

The “Young Campaigner of the Year” award recognizes the YMCA’s remarkable efforts in advocating for meaningful change and social progress.

Tash Steel, Supported Housing Team Leader said, “Over the past year, Kyle has spearheaded several impactful initiatives at YMCA Derbyshire. He manages a project that rehomes and rehabilitates those on probation and is also a Youth Ambassador for YMCA Federation. Earlier in the year Kyle voiced the concerns for young people around the cost of living, resulting in the Government deciding to implement the recommendations put forth surrounding the cost of living by YMCA. His tireless commitment to driving change is both remarkable and humbling.” A massive congratulations to Kyle for supporting others and outstanding dedication to YMCA.

In the category of “Health and Wellbeing Project of the Year” YMCA Derbyshire has been recognized for its outstanding initiatives that promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness among young people and communities. Matt Taylor, Youth and Communities Manager said, “Wilmorton Community Gardens is an ongoing Health and Wellbeing project that has significantly transformed lives and fostered positive change within the YMCA Derbyshire community over the last 12 months. A sanctuary of wellness and learning, it offers a space for individuals served by YMCA Derbyshire to find solace, cultivate new skills, and embark on a journey towards self-improvement.”

YMCA Derbyshire have worked tirelessly to transform the Wilmorton Community Gardens into a wellbeing space. Collectively clearing 1600m² and removing 64 tonnes of debris. Residents gained valuable life skills in horticulture and carpentry, the project gathered 2,560 volunteered hours. This was achieved through support from the community, YMCA Key College learners, and local businesses. Congratulations to the Health and Wellbeing team for the success of this project.

YMCA Derbyshire extends heartfelt gratitude to the public for their unwavering support through the voting phase. Now let’s bring home the awards!

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About YMCA Derbyshire:

YMCA Derbyshire is a youth-focused organization dedicated to empowering young people and helping them reach their full potential. Through various programs and initiatives, YMCA Derbyshire offers support, housing, training, and development opportunities, promoting personal growth and well-being. The organization strives to create a safe and nurturing environment that enables young people to build a foundation for a brighter future.

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Rosie Heagney rosie.heagney@ymcaderbyshire.org.uk

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