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Young Person From YMCA Derbyshire Stands Tall as Youth Matters Awards Winner – A Triumph Thanks To Community Support and Engagement

Here at the YMCA Derbyshire we are overflowing with gratitude for the overwhelming support shown by the local community as we celebrate a national awards triumph.

In a resounding testament to the extraordinary spirit of its young people, YMCA Derbyshire is thrilled to announce the crowning achievement of Kyle Pearson as the coveted winner of Young Campaigner of the Year at the illustrious Youth Matters Awards.

Kyle Pearson began his journey at the YMCA in 2017 aged 25, since then, he has consistently advanced in his career, embracing roles such as a Housing Navigator, Housing Manager Officer and Youth Ambassador. Supporting young people at risk of homelessness and campaigning to make positive change to their lives.

As a Housing Management Officer for Star Project. Kyle supports service users at risk of homelessness, that are on probation, imparting life skills, providing a listening ear, and attending meetings with their probation officers. The ultimate goal is to prevent re-offending and reintegrate our service users into the community, giving them a fresh start and a fair chance to rediscover their potential.

In 2022, Kyle took on the role of a YMCA Youth Ambassador and has made a significant impact ever since. He played an instrumental role in motivating residents at YMCA Derbyshire to write postcards to MPs as part of YMCA England & Wales’ Cost of Living Campaign. Kyle’s persistence led to the participation of 27 young people in the campaign, helping to amplify the voices of young people to elected politicians, including the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. This effort resulted in tangible change, with the Government deciding to implement the recommendations put forth by YMCA England and Wales.

Kyle attended the YMCA World Council in Denmark and took part in discussions aligned with World YMCA’s Vision 2030. Throughout the year, Kyle has engaged in Youth Ambassador training sessions, including public speaking, media training, and governance.

Furthermore, Kyle generously donates his spare time to plan and lead activities for YMCA residents. Including a camping trip where the residents took part in exciting activities such as axe throwing and abseiling. Kyle’s consistent efforts in planning and executing such activities have made a significant difference in the lives of the young people he serves.

YMCA Derbyshire extends its heartfelt gratitude to the public for their unwavering support and the power of their votes. This remarkable display of unity not only magnifies the spirit of camaraderie within our community but is also a resounding declaration of support for Kyle Pearson. Each vote cast for them reflects the immense pride our community takes in nurturing the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

“Kyle has more than earned this remarkable recognition,” exclaimed Gillian Sewell, CEO of YMCA Derbyshire. “Their compassion and perseverance have not only been instrumental in our collective accomplishments but have also played a vital role in their personal growth. We are united in celebrating Kyle as Young Campaigner of the Year.”

YMCA’s Youth Matters Awards stands tall as one of the most eagerly anticipated national accolades, honouring young individuals, volunteers, and initiatives that redefine the boundaries of achievement, resilience, and community-driven change.

Media Contact: Rosie Heagney rosie.heagney@ymcaderbyshire.org.uk

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