Meet Dan

YMCA Derbyshire literally turned my life around for the better, I would hate to think where I would be if I hadn’t come here.


Meet Tiffany

I know it’s safe at YMCA Key College and staff have been really supportive. They can’t do enough for everyone that comes here.


Meet Mohammed

YMCA have been amazing. They have pushed and encouraged me, told me not to give up.


Meet Layla

Layla arrived at YMCA Derbyshire due to trouble at home and was experiencing issues with her mental health.

Meet Mikey

Meet Mikey

Mikey first joined our YMCA when he was 16 because of issues at home.


Meet Nathan

When I first arrived at YMCA Derbyshire, I was having quite serious issues with anxiety and depression.


Meet Jack

After a life-changing incident, Jack began to suffer with PTSD and really struggled with his confidence.


Meet Ella

Ella had a really difficult time at school, resulting in her having to leave. She regained her confidence after joining YMCA Key College.


Meet Michael

I then moved to live with my dad, but he always said negative stuff about me and called me horrible names, so I moved to YMCA.

Meet Max

Max had some difficult health issues in 2019, which meant he got very behind on his studying at a different college.

Meet Libby

Libby really struggled being accepted and understood at school which resulted in her being asked to leave in her final year. 

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Meet Sophie

Due to her poly-cystic kidney disorder, growing up was quite difficult for Sophie.

Sahila - cut

Meet Sahila

Sahila was told to leave his family home due to poor mental health issues.

Meet Sandile

Sandile joined us at YMCA Derbyshire as she was declared homeless by her parents.


Meet Kawan

At just 17, Kawan was sent to England with only the clothes on his back and nowhere to go.

Stephanie KC

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie struggled to enjoy school, but found her feet at YMCA Key College.

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Meet Barnaby

Barnaby arrived at the YMCA without any life skills and found it extremely difficult to communicate with others.


Meet Joseph

After Joseph’s mother died, he found himself alone and unsure how to move on.


Meet Katy

Katy found life during the pandemic hard but has progressed with help from YMCAD.


Meet Anthony

Anthony grew up in foster care and had a difficult start. Now, he has multiple qualifications and is on his way to university.


Meet Jamie

Jamie struggled with school life, but after living at YMCAD he’s got a job and going to uni.

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Meet Steve

Steve has struggled with his mental health for a long time. After working with his housing navigator, he’s got a much more positive outlook.

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