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Celebrating Our Residents: A Festival To Remember At YMCA Derbyshire

Our dedicated staff came together to organize YMCA Y-Fest, a free festival, brimming with a variety of activities aimed at bringing our residents together for a day of fun.

At the end of August, YMCA Derbyshire embarked on a mission to celebrate and appreciate our residents like never before. We wanted to create an unforgettable experience, a day filled with laughter, learning, and connection. Our dedicated staff came together to organize YMCA Y-Fest, a free festival, brimming with a variety of activities aimed at bringing our residents together for a day of fun. From thrilling escape rooms to delightful face painting, from health and wellbeing sessions to exciting carnival stalls, and live entertainment that showcased the incredible talents of our residents, staff, and friends, it was a day that would be etched in our memories forever.

Inclusivity And Fun

One of the core values at YMCA Derbyshire is inclusivity, and this festival was no exception. We were thrilled to include a wide range of activities to cater to all interests and ages. Whether you were an adventure seeker, a creative soul, or someone looking to enhance your well-being, there was something for everyone.

The festival featured an escape room, which challenged the problem-solving skills of our residents. It was a great opportunity for team bonding and cooperative problem-solving. Our tombola provided moments of excitement as attendees had the chance to win fantastic prizes. And for those looking to add a little colour to their day, the face painting booth was a hit, especially for two residents who had never had their faces painted before – an experience they truly enjoyed.

Community Support

The festival wouldn’t have been complete without the support of our friends from HMP Dovegate, who kindly provided carnival stalls for our residents and guests to enjoy. Their generosity and participation added a vibrant touch to the event, and we are truly grateful for their support.

Talent On Display

The highlight of the day was the live entertainment, where residents, staff, and friends of YMCA Derbyshire showcased their incredible talents. From musical performances to dance routines, it was a testament to the rich tapestry of skills within our YMCA community. The applause from the audience was a reflection of the pride we all felt in each other’s achievements.

The Impact

Beyond the joy and laughter, the festival had a lasting impact on our residents. Residents had the opportunity to learn more about the various services and support that YMCA Derbyshire offers. In the aftermath of the festival, we witnessed an increase in residents attending our weekly activities aimed at equipping them with life skills and building their confidence to transition into independent living.

Feedback And Looking Ahead

When we asked our residents for feedback on the event, their enthusiasm was palpable. Many expressed their love for the festival and eagerly enquired about when the next one would be. This overwhelming response only reaffirmed the importance of such events in fostering a sense of belonging for our residents.


The end of August brought us a day to remember at YMCA Derbyshire – a day of celebration, connection, and growth. Our festival served as a reminder of the incredible strength and resilience of our residents and the dedication of our staff and friends who work tirelessly to support them. As we look ahead, we are committed to continuing our mission of empowering and enriching the lives of our residents. The success of this festival has inspired us to dream bigger and aim higher, knowing that together, we can achieve remarkable things. Stay tuned for more exciting events as we continue to celebrate the vibrant community that is YMCA Derbyshire.

Watch our Y-Fest highlights below!

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